International Law, Declarations and Covenants!

The Indigenous people of England are protected by International law. This includes General Assembly on 13 September 2007 61/295. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples namely Articles 1 though to 9 and articles 33 and 34 in particular reference the Indigenous political rights. But all articles support the English. Article 1Indigenous peoplesContinue reading “International Law, Declarations and Covenants!”

Open Letter to the Media

Dear Broadcast Media, There is now a Party registered with the electoral commission that is unique in standing for the constitutional rights of the English. Under international and UK law, you have a responsibility to provide balance in terms of political reporting.  The British do not have a constitution, but the English do.  This letterContinue reading “Open Letter to the Media”

The British are the Problem!

Principle Policy: English Self-Determination. Void the Act(s) of Union. Return England and Scotland to full autonomy. Supported by International Declarations and Covenants including. UN/ECHR/English Constitutional Law.   We rely on, but not limited to, English Constitutional Law, case law, ECHR protocol 1, Article 3 and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and InternationalContinue reading “The British are the Problem!”

Principle Policies of the ECP (no manifesto)

English Constitution Party The primary aim is for self-determination of the English an international right under UN Declaration – and two conventions all ratified by the British Establishment.  England is the last significant colony of the British Empire and we demand freedom from the British Imperial, colonialist rule. The Indigenous people of England have rights,Continue reading “Principle Policies of the ECP (no manifesto)”

England Shall Rise!

Northern Ireland vs England So as part of the peace agreement for Ireland the Government of Ireland Act 1920 was repealed and replaced by the Good Friday Agreement. Yet, The British Nationalities Act 1981 completely removed the English Identity ethnic or otherwise with complete silence from the British Media.  Although we are clearly defined asContinue reading “England Shall Rise!”

British Nationalities Act 1981 and what it means

If you were born prior to 1981, you had English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish nationality.  Your Indigenous Nationality was then unlawfully removed by The British Nationalities Act 1981 and you were made British only.  If you were born after 1981 you are British only, according to the British Parliament you were never an English, Scot,Continue reading “British Nationalities Act 1981 and what it means”

English Identity Letter, Local Council

IMPORTANT: Please either copy out or download this letter, send to your local council electoral department, and when you receive a reply send to me. I will use it in court case. Your Name and Address Council Electoral Department date Dear Sir/Madam I am English not British. My National Identity is English (my Country England)Continue reading “English Identity Letter, Local Council”

The English Constitution Party!

We the people, The English, cannot trust anyone that suckles on the teat of the British Establishment.  The Problem: The media, authorised and controlled by the British Ofcom, The Enemy of the people. The British Parliament with British MPs and Scottish MPs, Welsh MPs, Irish MPs but not a single English MP.  The English Monarch’sContinue reading “The English Constitution Party!”

What is the difference between British and English?

Why do the Scots, the Welsh or the Irish never get asked this question? Great Britain is an Island that contains two Countries England (Common Law) and Scotland (Roman Law) and a Principality called Wales (Common law). The key element here is mainland Great Britain, a land mass off the continent of Europe. In theContinue reading “What is the difference between British and English?”

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