A Philosophical belief in England and what is short money!

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The Party provides access for people with a philosophical belief in England as a Nation state and the Nations Constitution to vote for that belief.  The party provides access to their human right of universal suffrage (Candidates [passive] and Voters [active]). 

Our manifesto is unique, it is the Constitutional statutes of our [English] Constitution. Therefore, the primary objective and mission statement is self-determination for England, freedom for England, the English and those that become English either by immigration or other status.  This primary mission is universally accepted as a human right by English Common Law and the English Constitution, the ECHR, and various declarations of the United Nations.  The primary objective and mission is self-determination for England as a Country and its people.

Politics is a Business; Politics provides an income through short money to the party, money provided and shared amongst opposition parties once they get a candidate elected via a by-election or general election to the British parliament, this money is provided by parliament (by us, the electorate, via taxes).  

Short Money

Short Money, Your Money

Individual salaries and expenses are provided once a candidate is elected which then supports the candidate in their work for the constituents.  This is separate from short money.  Short money is solely for the running of the business of politics, an income for the party not the candidates.

So, looking at the above figures you can see all British Parties are funded by the English, yet we have no English MPs at all.   That Plaid Cymru (Welsh Party) £104, 683.90 and Scottish National Party £1,117,489.91 very nearly £1.2m of your English taxpayer’s money funding the SNP as a party!  Every Year! The Politics of Scotland is being funded in a British parliament by YOU the English electorate!

What you should be seeing now is why politics is so vicious.  There is a pot of money for parties that can only be accessed when one gets elected this money is NOT available to Independents.  It is designed to keep the English and individualists out of politics.  In effect the English are paying for their own demise. The destruction of the English nation and its culture is being paid for by YOU!

The only way to stop the attack from within is to vote English, vote for complete independence and remove the funding from those that seek to destroy England. The English Constitution Party is the ONLY party that seeks full autonomous one nation independence.  Devolved powers are leaving the elites in charge of your destiny, your future generations destiny.

If those of you out there can see through the mass formation psychosis in relation to covid.  Then you are more likely to see the same techniques of mass formation psychosis deployed by the British against the English nation, have you noticed you can’t call yourself English on forms, the BBC and all media will not allow England to be spoken of as a Nation, they all refer to England as regions of the UK, they do not want an English nation to exist.  Yet Scotland is named as a Country within the UK.  So is Wales.  The brainwashing of people to believe they are British instead of what they actually are, English, is immense.  The problem for the British is that the English are coming out of the “mass formation psychosis” and are waking up from the hypnosis.  Read the ONS figures here.        

Paragraph 7

I do not agree with short money or party politics, but we must work with the cards we are dealt even if they are marked by the British. They cheat. They have cheated you.

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

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  1. Let’s get our country back why should scotland and Wales get free prescriptions but English have to pay?

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